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Dividend Growth Machine - dividend investing books

If you’re new to dividend investing and looking for a simple book to get you started, I’d recommend reading Dividend Growth Machine, by Nathan Winklepleck. It’s a fairly simple book and for this reason, it isn’t the best dividend investing book available. Having said that, it’s worth a read,  especially if you’re unfamiliar with how dividend investing works.

Dividend growth investing

What Dividend Growth Machine does do very well is explain the benefits and advantages of dividend growth investing. It explains in very simple terms why dividend growth investing works.

The author suggests the book is written for investors who:

  • Are interested in accumulating wealth slowly and consistently over time.
  • Would rather spend time doing things they love, not worrying about the latest financial news.
  • Would prefer that their money works for them and not the other way around.
  • Want to sleep well at night, knowing that no matter what happens in the stock market, they are still going to make money over the long term.

And that sums up dividend investing really. It’s an investment strategy that requires minimal time and effort, and yet can still build considerable wealth over time.

Passive income

Dividend Growth Machine highlights the advantages of buying dividend-paying stocks to create a passive income stream. The attraction of this strategy is that no matter what the stock market is doing, you still get paid.

And that’s the key point that many investors miss. So many investors obsess over daily share price fluctuations, wasting a lot of time and energy in the process. Instead, they could just be focusing on their dividends and allowing dividends to do the bulk of the work for them.

Winklepleck shows that unlike many funds or ETFs, a portfolio of dividend-paying stocks can provide you with a sizeable income stream. This can provide more control over your finances, especially in retirement.

A great dividend book for beginners

Dividend Growth Machine is extremely easy to read. It’s written in a very large font, meaning that you can probably knock over the 140 pages in a couple of hours.

The book is not overly technical, and you won’t be a dividend stock expert after reading it. However, for those thinking about starting a dividend portfolio or new dividend investors, this book is a good place to start.

It’s available to purchase on Amazon by clicking on the link below.

Dividend investing books

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