10 famous science YouTubers you should definitely follow

Space, crazy experiments, nature, the human body: science is cool. Fortunately, there are many channels on YouTube that make pop science more popular. We have listed 10 popular science YouTubers that you should definitely follow.

1. Mark Robert

Mark Robert once worked for NASA and now runs a very successful YouTube channel with at least 48.5 million people subscribed. You may not like the sound of the show, but Robert teaches you fun things in every episode, all related to popular science. He enjoys it and also has a successful business to get kids excited about science, so we're all for it.

2. Kurzgesagt

Kurzgesagt is German for “in brief,” and that's exactly what you get on this YouTube channel: an animated science video every month or so. There are hundreds of videos to choose from, which is impressive for such a labor-intensive method of creating videos. Some topics you will like more than others, but she wrote a wide range of scientific topics very intelligently and in an entertaining way.

3. Veritasium

Veritasium is managed by Dr. Derek Mueller covers fascinating scientific topics that you may not have thought about before. Sometimes it's physics, sometimes it's psychology: it's always surprising what you'll learn, and that's what makes Veritasium such a popular channel.

4. Intensive course

This YouTube channel has been around since 2006(!) and was created by John and Hank Green, who clearly wanted to educate the rest of the world. 15.5 million subscribers now follow this channel, in which a large number of topics are explained in more detail, sometimes in an overly American way, including fun cartoons, but also with real people telling you something. Sometimes it's not entirely clear whether it's for adults or children, so we leave it up to you to decide:

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5. As quickly as possible

In addition to receiving an explanation of popular science, would you also like to hear about something new that was just discovered? The people behind AsapSCIENCE know how to provide some kind of explanation as well as news, and this also makes it a modern and relevant science. Canadians Mitchell Moffett and Gregory Brown do this well and use highlight graphics to tell you more, which is very relaxing to watch.

6. Smarter every day

Have you always loved Mythbusters? So SmarterEveryDay is a channel to keep an eye on. Here Destin Wilson Sandlin does all kinds of fun experiments, like lighting a match with a bullet. The nice thing is that it also makes it more personal: it's not that cool and that's what makes it all so authentic.

7. D. Becky

If you would like to learn more about space more specifically, Dr. Becky has come to the right place. There is of course a countless amount of information that can be gleaned from the universe, but the number of videos I have already created on the subject is still impressive. It's a bit more serious and has no frills or sound effects, but it teaches you a lot about space.

9. Earth minute

MinuteEarth should be included in this list, because the channel always offers original points of view explored in video form in funny animations. We look at what's being discussed online, but especially at what crazy ideas there are about scientific topics. Very pleasant.

10. Backyard World

There are many YouTubers who like to draw people into popular science by coming up with some kind of nonsensical inventions of their own. Or sometimes it's quite reasonable, because we like to look at it. TheBackyardScientist often makes things—or performs experiments—that you wouldn't be able to easily handle, but would like to see. Kevin Koehler says it himself: I do it, so you don't have to do it. Thanks how.

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