10 tips for reducing the amount of particulate matter while cooking

Tips for keeping the air in your home healthy while cooking

1. Replace your gas stove with an induction hob.

2. Use oil instead of butter, especially since butter creates a lot of particulate matter.

3. Keep the oven clean. Leftovers on the stove start to burn when the fire is lit.

4. Open a window or door while cooking. Do you have a closed kitchen? Then close the door to prevent fine dust from entering other rooms.

5. Turn on the lid before cooking starts and let it run for 10 to 15 minutes after stopping. This way, the particulate matter concentration is less likely to rise to unsafe levels, and will drop quickly once you’ve finished cooking.

6. Set the range hood to the highest setting when cooking and baking.

7. The extractor hood removes particles more easily from the rear heating plates than from the front. So use back burners to reduce your exposure to indoor pollutants.

8. Not only use the extractor hood when cooking on the stove or stove, but also place the air fryer and toaster under it.

9. Replace the cooker hood active carbon filter in time.

10. Clean the grease filters once every two months. If it’s too dirty or greasy, the suction won’t work as well. You can put stainless steel grease filters in the dishwasher.

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