20% like the best ad for the revamped Google Home app

It’s been a busy week for Google, it all started with Nest announcements, followed by the entire Pixel range and even a redesign of the Google Home app. The latter is popular: Our survey showed that 20% think the revamped Home app is the best advertisement.

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In response to this week’s Google ads, we asked which products you find most interesting. The revamped Home app gets hugely popular with 20 percent of the vote, as is the Google Pixel 7 Pro, which can also count on the support of a quarter of readers. The regular Google Pixel 7 could count on much fewer votes: only 7 percent of people choose it.

Pixel products that aren’t phones some readers love, too. we call google The Pixel Watch got 9 percent of the votes, the tablet with 12 percent of the vote and in general the fact that Pixel products come to the Netherlands: 16 percent. misball Said: “Perhaps the most important fact: finally delivery in the Netherlands by Google.” Nobody waits for the Pixel tablet anymore. no one: “Actually nothing, but happy with the pixel tablet because Google will finally take care of tablets again.”

There is no product

The Nest Wifi Pro is 1 percent less interesting, while the Nest Doorbell (wired) works 5 percent better. Some readers don’t find any advertising interesting or interesting: 10 percent don’t want any of Google’s products. It was of course a rather late poll this week because the last announcements from Google didn’t come out until Thursday afternoon. Judging by the comments, most people aren’t very enthusiastic after all.

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hvl62: If I’m being honest, I’d have preferred to fill in “none”, but that wasn’t possible. I think it’s all a little meager and a bit of the same. I’m curious about the tablet, but all my nexuses are torn to shreds in a landfill. I understand this isn’t a fair comparison but I’m careful. I’m glad the Pixels are officially on sale in NL.

So Google has moderated responses, but this Home app, that’s a star, along with the Pixel 7 Pro. We’re curious how things will go in the future. See you next week, when we share another survey.

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