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With Expeditions: A MudRunner Game, developer Saber Interactive offers you the chance to drive through difficult terrain and mud in an off-road vehicle without getting dirty. You can do this in three different landscapes, although the first area is mainly used. The title gives you access to three landscapes with the first mainly used as a tutorial to teach you everything.

In the other two locations, you will be offered several quests. The goal is usually simple, because you have to either pick up something on the map or deliver items. Sometimes, this also means you have to walk around carrying special merchandise. For example, we once had to take a sensor in the back seat to collect data. During the quests, you have small side quests that you can complete, but there are also activities that you can unlock. For example, think of conquering a steep climb on a muddy road.

The different missions aren't amazing and the gameplay quickly becomes boring, because no matter how different the environment is, you're always resorting to the same thing. Sometimes you also have to fly a drone to discover new routes, but the control there is very cumbersome.

The user interface in the title is also nothing to write home about. For example, it is not clear how you can take or select items. Sometimes you also have to take certain people with you on your trip and this is not clearly indicated. So you just click and hope to find something. This also extends to the UI in the game itself, because while you can easily switch between gears, you have to tap an intermediate screen to lower the frame pressure, for example, and then accept it, which makes the whole thing very cumbersome.

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Audio-visually, Expeditions: A MudRunner Game isn't in a strong position. The terrain responds when you drive across it, but this is nothing new and the environments look quite boring. We found the tissue quality to be low, with the exception of composites. Textures don't always load quickly either. On one mission we were even without materials for a while.

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