4iiii launches a dual-sided variant of its Precision 3+ power meter

Wednesday, March 13, 2024 at 11:04 am

Material area Following the Precision 3+ power meter located on the left crank, 4iiii has also launched a dual-sided variant of its third generation power meter: the 4iiii Precision 3+ Pro.

The 4iiii Precision 3+ Pro is, as the name suggests, the third generation of 4iiii's Precision power meter. Compared to its predecessor, this third generation mainly offers improved battery life; You can ride it for a minimum of 550 hours. The crankset uses a CR2032 button cell battery on both sides, which is easy to replace.

To make power measurement more accurate, the Precision 3+ Pro is equipped with a so-called automatic Terran limiter. This means the crank recognizes uneven terrain and adjusts power measurement accordingly so it remains accurate on different types of surfaces.

Cadence is usually measured using an accelerometer. This is less accurate on uneven surfaces, so the Precision 3+ switches to measuring cadence via the gyroscope. The disadvantage of this is that this gyroscope consumes more power. By switching between the accelerometer and gyroscope, the power measurement is always accurate, but the battery also lasts as long as possible. The power meter is accurate to ±1%, as the 4iiii claims.

The 4iiii Precision 3+ Pro Power Meter is a crankset that houses the power meter. Just like with the 4iiii Precision 3+ (not the “regular” 3rd generation), you can also connect the crankset to Apple's Find My software. This means you can use the crank as a GPS tracker to track your bike, provided you have an Apple device. Beautiful details. The battery life

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