Remedy wants to fix co-op issues in the upcoming Vanguard game

Although Remedy is known for its single-player games, the developer wants to break out of his comfort zone with his next game, called Vanguard.

The Finnish studio wants to make an effort to address the problems found in co-op games. to me CEO Teru Vertala One of those problems that co-op games face is that they don’t last long enough. Although Remedy is known for its single-player games like Max Payne and Alan Wake and Control, the developer is now working on Vanguard’s free-to-play co-op game.

Vertala stated in a conversation with

“Multiplayer games are a very competitive space, especially when it comes to PvP or team vs team games – but in the co-op space there are some very successful games. There is a clear reason for this: in PvP and team vs team, it is nothing but Content creation is a big deal because other players are the content – they always make the experience new after a session.

With co-op games, the challenge was often presenting and staying the course. To create long-lasting experiences, a developer can’t just rely on craftsmanship and make each level and mission unique, as this is not usually a sustainable pathway. We’ve seen that there are unresolved questions about how to create a long-term, cooperative service-based game. If we can solve these problems, if we can present the way we tell stories across the world and explore, then these could be elements that we could better use in cooperatives compared to PvP. ”

The last Remedy (Control) game had sold 2 million copies by December 2020. Although the studio is happy with the result, Vertala claims it hasn’t achieved success yet. In addition to Vanguard, Remedy also has two other games in development for Epic Games.

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