Vegetable plants in a letter box get everyone excited

It is always difficult for avid gardeners at home: it is always difficult to wait for the moment when the first green spots appear from the ground. Groentepost’s new initiative now relieves consumers of this crucial stage. Consumers will only have to wait for the moment when the packaging with young plants drops onto the mat. “And then we’ll guide them through the rest of the growth process with tips and tricks, so that soon people can experience a little health and happiness at home,” says Jill Janssen.

Left: Maud and Giel, together the creators of Groentepost

A piece of greenhouse in Gibbmans
He, along with his girlfriend Maud, invented this concept. In everyday life, Jill works at Gipmans Planten at Venlo. One evening in January this year, during an evening walk prior to the curfew, I planted the seeds for a vegetable-growing plan. After that, the concept arose around it.

Jill then knocked on Gipmans’ door, with director Eric responding “with great enthusiasm” and promptly cooperating. In Groentepost they have a piece of greenhouse at their disposal. As a result, plants are now grown in greenhouses for consumers, businesses and employee associations, which they will soon be able to order with the touch of a button as a vital gift.

Jill in the greenhouse at Gipmans Planten

Eight vegetarian plants
For this concept, Jill and Mod used the experiences Gipmans had already had with the concept of “Sprout of the Box”. “We took a close look at how this happened at the time.”

Grouped for both business and individuals, the Groentepost Box consists of eight vegans, yellow and red tomatoes for snacks, hot peppers and an option for snacks, which have been grown specifically to help the consumer. “Vitality and maintaining contact with work from home play a major role in many organizations,” says Maude, who works as a daily HR consultant. “We fully respond to this by fully customizing Groentepost with the look and feel of the organization and the video message personally recorded by management, for example.”

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The box consists of eight vegetable plants

Optimum conditions
Special varieties have been chosen, in which the tomato plant does not grow, for example, larger than 50 cm. “Consumers don’t have to be thieves with this plant either,” laughs Jill, “so it’s a friendly plant, even for people who don’t have green toes. And because there are eight plants, you always have opportunities all over the place.”

Currently, the first plants have already been planted for shipment at the end of March. Meanwhile, Jill is adjusting the packaging at home. “The really correct question we got, after we got so fast when launched on LinkedIn, is how do plants survive the mail process. We guarantee the plants are in recyclable blister packages and put a cardboard box around them.” Plants also stay well hydrated for a while. Over the past few weeks, we have carefully tested boxes to determine the best conditions for sending them. “

It is precisely at the first stage of planting in the home gardener that things go wrong sometimes. The Vegetable Post helps with this by carefully growing the plants in a professional vegetable farmer before shipping

Health and happiness
Jill and Maude are pleased with the enthusiastic responses they have already received. Gill asserts that they don’t want to make it “too commercial.” “I want to continue to radiate the emotion that I radiate when I talk about plants and give people a little health and happiness. This is also beneficial for our sector, because in the end with our products we also guarantee health and happiness.”

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The Good Cause is also related to Groentepost: KidzBase. A donation of € 50 is made to this foundation for every fund sold commercially. “We want to give the children the experience of growing vegetables. The educational experience and the joy of growing it yourself are important and you want to pass them on. Who knows, maybe in ten years someone will choose to come and work in our sector.”

Finally, important advice for Groentepost recipients. Open the box as soon as you receive it and provide light and water. “This is the most important thing,” says Jill. On Instagram, Facebook and also on the website, it will help package recipients this coming spring and summer. And after that? “I don’t know yet if the concept will continue. We’ll see where the ship is stranded, but we’re happy with the positivity that is already emerging everywhere. We are surprised every day how you can connect your Groentepost Box to gifts, groceries and at the individual and corporate level.”

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