The sustainable and healthy city

The healthy city is getting more and more attention. And that makes sense. We are eating less healthily, diseases of affluence are on the rise, children play outside less and less, the population is aging, the elderly are becoming lonelier, and mental problems are on the rise among the young. The environment in which you live, work and recreate is an important factor in this. However, health is still a small part of the major steps that have been taken to integrate sustainability into spatial developments. How do you integrate the aspirations of a healthy living environment into the requirements and desires of sustainable development in the region?

August 8, 2023

The role of health in our living environment

The design of our living environment plays an important role in our health. Both from the point of view of prevention and from the point of view of promotion. For air and noise quality, clear, measurable and often legal standards have been established for disease prevention. However, little is currently being invested in health promotion. How do we design the space so that people are encouraged to live healthier lives? To move, meet and relax? Thus improving their physical and mental health.

From previous exploration, we have identified six themes that are important to a healthy living environment, with the building blocks that make up the theme.

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Here are some examples of our work:

Street motor area Rotterdam

Over Morgen was asked to develop the sustainability component of the development vision for the Motorstraat in Rotterdam. This has led to an ambitious and shared vision of the sustainability challenge: the Motorstraat as a sustainable and healthy campus for learning, working, living and caring. An important building block in this vision is: cars from the outer area. This creates space for greenery, sports, games, and quality places to stay and meet. In addition, efforts are being made to encourage cycling and walking. The greening of roofs and facades contributes to creating a green and cool living environment for the physical and mental health of the users and residents of the area. An integrated vision and strategy with special attention to the residential quality of the area thus contributing to a healthy living environment.

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Viewing area Stadshaven Nijkerk

Nijkerk’s harbor basin is being transformed into an area for living, working and entertaining. Over Morgen was asked to develop the themes of sustainability and health in the region’s vision. The area’s vision now includes that Stadshaven should become an area accessible to young and old: meeting places will be created and there will be vital bases. The public space will be green and inclusive of nature and the area will be as car-free as possible. This creates an inviting public space to get out and exercise.

Our advice

So our advice is: make the connection between sustainability challenges and health and vice versa. With so many challenges, aspirations, and requirements often present in a field related to sustainability, a healthy living environment can seem like another block on the heap of requirements, desires, and aspirations. But it is not necessary by definition to choose between sustainability or health. A healthy living environment can serve as a stepping stone to other tasks. By looking for opportunities to link sustainability and a healthy living environment in development, a sustainable area and a pleasant and healthy living environment can be created for residents.

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