A British Airways Boeing 747 gets new life as a film set

A British Airways Boeing 747 will be given a second life as a film set, the company has announced. The plane will be flown to Dunsfold Airport, south of London, on Thursday.


The Boeing 747 in question, G-CIVW, was previously stored at Bournemouth Airport. The jumbo was then taken to Cardiff for disposal. However, the aircraft was saved from the wrecking hammer and will be preserved at Dunsfold.


747 will be retained for use in recordings of films and serials. Apart from the interior, the aircraft will also continue to carry the British Airways color scheme.


Earlier, calls had already been made in the United Kingdom to place one of British Airways’ last 747s in a museum. This seems to be happening now. Dunsfold Airport has indicated its intention to open the 747 to the public when it is not in use.


The aircraft in question was delivered to British Airways in 1998. The aircraft has performed more than 11,000 flights, flown more than 90,000 hours and covered more than 70 million kilometers. Jumbo flew its last commercial flight from Boston to London on March 28.

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