6 things you can do on iPhone and Android

The Google app is very popular on both iPhone and Android. However, there are many users who still don’t know what the app can do. It’s time to change that.

You can download the Google app for download On both iPhone and Android devices. This way you can have quick access to all search engine functions. And there are more than you probably think.

6 hidden features in the Google app

Many people are not aware of what the Google app has to offer. If you are not familiar with all the features, maybe you will find something useful in the list below. We’ve listed six useful things you can do on your Android or iPhone.

#1 Translate text with the Google app

Nowadays, you cannot only translate texts with the help of Google Translate. The native Google app also has such an option. So you don’t have to download any other app on your iPhone or Android device.

Open the app on your smartphone and tap explore down the left side. Here you press below the search bar Translate text. Allow the app to use your camera and point it at the text you want to translate. Follow the onscreen instructions to translate your text in real time.

#2 Look at a photo

If you’re searching for something on the web but can’t find good results, the Google app can help you find it using Google Lens.

First takes a picture of the item you want to find through the lens. Then tap back into the app explore Now choose from within the search bar for Find a picture. Choose the image with the item you want to search for online. You can also crop the image to increase your chances of getting accurate results.

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#3 Buy a product from your photos

Just like searching in a photo, the Google app also allows you to shop for products in your photos. This is useful if you want to purchase a specific product and a simple Google search does not help.

Take another photo and go to explore in the Google app. You will find the option below the search bar Find products to buy. Choose the image and Google will give you links to websites selling the product. Click on a link to visit the site.

Search for products in the search engine
Find products with the help of the smart lens (Image: Android Planet)

#4 Find your favorite music

Maybe you hear a song on the radio that you don’t know and want to know its title. Most likely the app you use for this is Shazam. Google’s app has a similar function.

Open the app and tap explore. Below the search bar you will find the category Get to know the number. Click on it and hum a tune. You get the title and artist in a few seconds.

#5 Get help with your homework

Google app is also useful for school children and students. You can get help with your homework and find answers to questions on various topics. The app answers questions about subjects such as English, history and mathematics.

Go again explore and press Homework solution. Point your phone at the assignment in your textbook. The application gives you a set of results with answers or solutions to your question. In some cases, the answer is displayed directly at the top, so you don’t have to visit a website.

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#6 Read the latest news in the Google app

The Google app is also a news portal for your iPhone or Android device. Simply open the app and you will see the latest news and updates from the country or region on your screen. Click a link to read the full article or click the icon To participate to share with someone.

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