‘EVs cause double wear on road surface’

They have a cavity crisis in the UK, he writes telegram. Almost 14 billion euros will be needed to fill all the potholes in the road. A hole in the arm becomes necessary for potholes in the road. And apparently electric cars only add to this problem. The news site calculated that an EV causes an average of 2.24 times more wear and tear on road surfaces than a gasoline car.

Heavy cars (more quickly) cause cracks in the road surface. If these cracks are not repaired, holes will form. Now we don’t have much to do with the problems in the UK, but EVs in the Netherlands are certainly as heavy as they are there. So the fact that owners of electric cars do not currently pay road tax is an additional strike.

EV drivers will pay road tax next year

The amount of road tax in the Netherlands is calculated based on weight, as heavy cars cause more wear and tear. Until now, EV drivers have been exempted to encourage electric driving. That amount will disappear. Next year, plug-in users will get a 75 percent discount on road tax, but from 2026 drivers will pay in full.

In England, it is called the government Pot hole line, or a pit line. Drivers of electric cars have to pay an extra tax to cover the damage to the asphalt. Presumably this bit tax already exists here, as road tax in the Netherlands is already extra high for EV drivers.

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