New Single Alex Vargas – “Mom, I’m Dead”

Alex Vargas is multi-talented. The singer-songwriter began his career in the United Kingdom at the age of 17, although he is of Danish descent. Vargas started out with the group Vagabond, but after a few years he decided to go it alone. Having been solo since 2010, he has already made a name for himself. In addition to three albums and several EPs, Dane writes music for others. For example, Vargas co-wrote the song “Beautiful Mess”, the Bulgarian entry in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2017, which took a good second place.

Earlier last month, Alex Vargas released the single “Ukazer” as a preview of his upcoming album. “Mother, I’m dead,” he manages to grab our attention, and we look to the future with hope. The song is a rollercoaster of sorts starting with an electronic intro. Then a soft guitar is added. It sounds like a strange combination, but we keep asking. As soon as Vargas opens her voice, it becomes clear to us that she is building up to more. Our prediction comes true halfway through the song, when the artist turns his electronic sound into rock. It’s a bold move, but it’s clear Vargas knows what he’s doing. Dane kept us entertained from start to finish and we’re curious if he can do the same with his upcoming album.

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