£768m lawsuit against Apple in UK over delayed iPhones


A British consumer watchdog filed a £768m (almost €900m) lawsuit against tech giant Apple on Thursday. The company admitted to deliberately slowing down older iPhones. The issue has already caused huge damage to Apple.

Source: Belga

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Before the Competition Appeal Tribunal in London, the consumer watchdog accused Apple of undermining the performance of older iPhones through updates to “avoid recalls and costly repairs”. The lawsuit aims to compensate 25 million users in the UK.

Apple issued an apology in December 2017, admitting that it deliberately slowed down some of its iPhones to compensate for aging batteries and prevent the devices from shutting down unexpectedly. The company denied any attempt at planned obsolescence.

Since then, the tech giant has been sued in several countries. In the US, the company was ordered to pay $500 million (€477 million) in damages to owners of older models. In France, Apple was fined 25 million euros for failing to warn that updates could slow down older smartphones.

“We have never and will never intentionally shorten the lifespan of Apple products or degrade the user experience,” the maker said in a statement to a French news agency on Thursday to encourage customers to buy new products. AFP. “Our goal is to create products that our customers love, and making iPhones last as long as possible is a big part of that.”

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