8 ways to use the new action button on the iPhone 15 Pro

The iPhone 15 Pro is the first iPhone model to have a customizable action button, which replaces the mute button. By default, the action button allows you to perform a number of simple tasks, such as turning on the flashlight or opening the camera. But more can be achieved via links to the Shortscuts app.

Savvy iPhone users have found a way to do more with the iPhone 15 Pro’s action button using this To link to the Shortcuts app. We’ve listed some options for you.

1. Shazam song

Apple acquired Shazam, an app for discovering a song or artist by listening to a song, in 2018. Since then, you can use the app with Siri or add a shortcut to Shazam in your Control Center. Using the Shortcuts app, you can now also link Shazam to an action button. This way you can know the name of the song immediately without opening the screen.

2. Add a song to the playlist

Since iOS 17, Apple Music has recommended new songs that go with your existing playlist. But adding them each time can quickly become routine. With the action button, you can now do it without much effort. Simply create a new shortcut in the Shortcut app, tap Add Action, search for Music and open Apple Music shortcuts options. Then you can choose “Get current song”, return to the promotion page and select the “Add to playlist” action. If you save this shortcut and associate it with your action button, you can add a song to your playlist by pressing the action button.

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3. Open your Personal Hotspot

Do you often need a personal hotspot? You can activate it immediately using the action button. This is especially useful when using your hotspot during the day, as it stops working after a period of inactivity. If you want to turn it off, you can do so immediately via the action button, so as not to waste mobile data.

4. Use the multi-button function

Federico Vitici of MacStories did A shortcut has been created Which actually works as a kind of multi-button. Clicking the action button will activate the primary shortcut. If you click twice, another one will come. By default, Apple doesn’t allow you to select multiple shortcuts using the action button.

5. Different situation, different actions

Technical reviewer Dan Vitorini has too A shortcut has been created Which allows you to perform different actions using the action button. Its version triggers different actions based on the position of your iPhone. You can choose which position does what. In his example, holding the iPhone horizontally activates silent mode, takes a photo when the top is tilted to the left, and takes a video when it is tilted to the right.

6. Replace Siri with PrimeGPT

By now, almost everyone knows what ChatGPT, OpenAI’s chatbot, is. You can now replace Apple’s Siri assistant with ChatGPT through the action button. You can install the shortcut by clicking this link Via your iPhone. Not only does Prime provide access to ChatGPT, but it can also access your clipboard, Dall-E image generator, Apple Music, and much more. Overall, PrimeGPT is a much more powerful assistant than Siri.

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7. Use Google Assistant

Google Assistant is Google’s counterpart to Siri. Some iPhone users choose to use Assistant, for example to control Google smart devices at home. If you have Google Assistant on your iPhone, you can link it to your action button settings via the Shortcuts app. You get instant access at the touch of a button.

8. Create a new note or set a reminder

If you often use Apple Notes, it’s difficult to keep unlocking your iPhone to find and open the app. You can use the application Link to your action button By going to your action button settings, then tapping “Shortcuts” and then “New Note.” If you now click your action button, you can immediately start taking a note.

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