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Porsche has been making hearts beat faster for 75 years. And also businesswoman Freya Pope and influencer Anne-Catherine Castleman. Ambitious women attest that they are more than happy with their Porsches. “I don’t want anything else again.” Although they chose something a little different in terms of appearance. “No gray car or even blue or green car for me, it doesn’t suit me.”

Porsche is blowing out 75 candles this year. To this day, the car remains the status symbol par excellence. Between 2000 and 3000 Porsche cars are registered in our country every year. The car is reserved for The happy few. But make no mistake: these are definitely not just men — or women — of demure taste.

Freya Pope: “I wanted a pink Porsche, but not a regular one.”

Entrepreneur Freya Pope (36), known from Pink Ambition, has been the proud owner of a Porsche Boxster for seven years. And not just any one. “I wanted a pink Porsche, but not a regular car. I thought: People are going to watch anyway, so suddenly make it worthwhile. Whether they think my car is pretty or ugly, they see it.”

From an early age I told myself: I want my first Porsche before I’m thirty

Freya Pope

“I wanted to make it something special. And if there’s something to gain for my company, why not?” Freya enlarged the pattern of one of the sweaters from her brand Tuttu Chic. “I made it into a wrap for my Porsche. In this way my car became a marketing tool which was a smart move. From the first moment I felt that this car was an extension of my brand and part of my identity.

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Freya Pope in her Porsche.
Freya Pope in her Porsche. © p

Freya’s love of cars goes back a long way. “When I was a four-year-old kid, I could recognize what kind of car it was when I saw one driving it, and that was always in me. I always thought that the lines of Porsches and the car itself were so beautiful. Ambition radiated from that car. So I said to myself from the age Early: Before I turn 30, I want to be able to buy my first Porsche.

I wanted to prove to the outside world that it was possible to be a woman, a smart entrepreneur, and drive a pink Porsche.

Freya Pope

At the age of 28, Freya has succeeded. “I thought that was great. I was very proud because for me it was a kind of physical measure of the success that I had achieved. I also wanted to prove to the outside world that it was possible to be a woman, to be a smart businesswoman, and to drive a pink Porsche. And he broke Stereotypes. Yes, I have a white horse and a Chihuahua, but I did it all myself. That car conveyed that to me from the beginning.

Freya Pope with her Porsche.
Freya Pope with her Porsche. © p

“After all these years, I still feel like I’m driving my car in the latest model because everyone is looking at me. Or taking pictures of my car. This feeling is special, of course. I think people should care less about what other people think. This car fully embodies that.”

And whether Freya plans to buy a new car? “I have to be honest. I’ve been thinking for two or three years: What will I buy instead? And I honestly don’t know. I’ll never find a nicer car than mine.”

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You can continue to look at my car and find new items

Catherine Castleman

Katrin Castleman: “Porsche has always been the ideal sports car for me”

“Why did I want a Porsche? “Because it’s just fun,” begins influencer Anne-Catrin Castleman (35). Since she bought her first Porsche at the age of 30, a Cayenne, Anne-Catrin has been sold. “Best car I’ve ever driven. “After a few years I switched to the Taycan. “A much larger electric model. Useful, because I have a daughter and we travel a lot with the family.

“I have a very colorful style and you can see that in my car,” Anne-Catherine continues. You find a regular car boring. “Don’t give me a gray car or even a purple or green car, it doesn’t suit me. When I bought my first Porsche, I wrapped it in a colorful rainbow pattern.

Catherine realized it was the best marketing tool she had ever had. “Everyone recognized me by my car. I received a lot of messages from people who saw me driving.” So Anne-Catherine also wrapped her Taycan. “I wanted the same rainbow pattern to differentiate, but with new elements.”

The two countries organized a competition among its 202,000 followers. The winner, a product development student, was allowed to design the new packaging. “The result is a rainbow pattern with different shapes. A piano, handbags, a music box, my daughter, my dog, my husband’s name, the mountains because we drive there a lot… You can keep looking at my car and finding new items.”

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Anne-Catherine realizes that such a colorful car is not for everyone. “Some people think it’s great fun, others say: ‘What is this?!’ You’ll always get these reactions when you do something special. But my car is filmed and photographed every day when I drive it. Something that will undoubtedly gain me a following.”

Anne-Catherine is very satisfied with her cover, but also with the car underneath. “For a woman, I know a lot about cars. Porsche has always been the perfect sports car for me. I just love Porsche, and I would never want another brand again. By the way, my husband also drives a Porsche, and everyone in the family drives one in reality.

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