A British court has blocked a plan to send asylum seekers to Rwanda

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A British court has blocked a government plan to send asylum seekers to Rwanda. The judges found the African country not a safe place for asylum seekers. The Rwandan asylum system is said to be “deficient”.

The verdict has set back Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s government. Wants to discourage migrants who cross the canal mainly in boats. Last year more than 45,000 migrants came to the UK through that route. About 11,000 people are said to have crossed in boats this year.

The plan to send illegal immigrants to Rwanda later came from the Boris Johnson government. A British court ruled last year that the scheme was legal. Asylum seekers and human rights organizations then appealed. They were there.


Judges have ruled that Rwandan asylum seekers are likely to be deported to their home countries. They can be sued there. The legal battle is expected to continue, and the future of the controversial project remains uncertain for now.

Critics say the planned deportations to Rwanda are unethical. They argue that it does not prevent migrants from moving to the UK. However, Prime Minister Sunak is under huge pressure to do something about the thousands of migrants arriving on boats.

The cost of the project is being discussed. The Home Office said this week that it would be significantly cheaper to host migrants in the UK. On the other hand, the government argues that if migrants stay away because they fear deportation, it will lead to significant cost savings.

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