A Chinese climber, a pacemaker-carrying Indian mountaineer and a Nepalese guide die during an Everest expedition

According to local media, the woman wanted to establish two pints. She reportedly raised money to pay for her climbs with the slogan “Expedition Everest, at 58 and a pacemaker”.

The other victim is the guide who died while descending Everest. Participate in the annual garbage collection to keep the road clean. An operation was set up to retrieve the remains.

A Chinese mountaineer was also killed on Mount Everest this afternoon.

To date, 8 deaths have been counted since the start of the climbing season on Everest (8849 metres). During this period, temperatures are usually more moderate and winds are usually less strong. The climbing season lasts until the beginning of June. Foreigners were promised about 500 boarding passes. Earlier this season, three Nepalese climbers were killed (in April), as well as an American (in May) and more recently another Moldovan.

An 84-year-old Spanish mountaineer broke a leg on his 14th attempt to climb the Himalayan peak. Carlos Soria Fontan wanted to be the oldest mountaineer ever to conquer 14 Himalayan mountains, but failed on his 13th mountain, 8,167-meter Dhaulagiri. He was seriously injured at an altitude of 7,500 metres.

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