A large prescription appears on the facade of the Vooruit Building in Ghent

The Health Alliance, an association of organizations from the health care and poverty sectors, presents thirty demands for incoming governments. The #BetterLife campaign calls, among other things, for healthy work guarantees, accessible healthcare and a re-evaluation of careers in healthcare.

Members take action with a giant slate posted on the front of the Vooruit building on the Vrijdagmarkt. The Health Alliance (former Platform for Action for Health and Solidarity) is an initiative of Belgian citizens. The requirements are a compilation of a memorandum prepared by the 40 member organizations. This applies to trade union organizations, health insurance companies and other associations. They mainly oppose social inequality, especially in the field of health. Privatization and the profit motive seem to lead to problematic situations.

Previously, the prescription of the giant Antwerp doctor was also displayed.

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