A man hits a woman and drags her body for at least 13 kilometers | abroad

California police arrested a man suspected of hitting a pedestrian and dragging the body 13 kilometers with his pickup truck on Friday.

The suspect, 38-year-old Shawn Jinder, attempted to escape during his arrest by jumping from the balcony of his home on the third floor of an apartment complex. He is in critical condition.

Earlier that day, his silver truck hit a 29-year-old woman who was pushing a shopping cart and her dog was on a leash. After the collision, Jinder did not stop, but continued to drive at least 13 kilometers with the woman’s body glued to his car. Finally stopped in the hotel car park.

The guy went down there and asked for a room at the front desk, but was told that the hotel was already full. Then he retreated from the situation and then the body came out from under the car. Then a witness called the police.

Hours after finding the body, officers discovered the suspect’s badly damaged truck near his apartment complex. The man was then arrested there. He was taken to hospital with serious injuries after a fall.

Police say the victim is believed to be a homeless woman. Police said her identity has not yet been revealed out of respect for her relatives.

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