A missing dog was found at a distance of no less than 800 kilometers after 4 years outside

Patch disappeared four years ago, much to the grief of her owner, Benjamin Baxter, from the US state of Colorado. Benjamin recently received the happy news that his dog had been found. His beloved four-legged friend was found 500 miles away in another state.

Benjamin and Patches meet again four years later. The dog disappeared in 2020 while Patches was at a friend’s house in Callahan. “Spots has been like Houdini her whole life,” Baxter told local news station KRQE. “And we actually traveled the country together. It wasn’t unusual for her to run away after butterflies or rabbits, but she always came back.

Benjamin recently received a private phone call. Someone had taken Patches to a shelter in New Mexico, about 500 miles away. Animal Protection checked the microchip. And that’s how they ended up with Benjamin. They sent him pictures asking if this was his dog. “I was looking at the pictures and I was like, ‘That’s my dog,'” he said. “I’ve spent the last four years thinking that this dog might have died. And just seeing it was mind-boggling. I can’t explain to you how crazy that was.”

Benjamin couldn’t hold back his tears at the unforgettable moment when he saw his dog again. “I’m not really a crybaby, but it definitely brought tears to my eyes when I saw my dog ​​again,” she said. The beautiful moment was captured on camera.

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