A new study finds that the Arctic is heating up about four times faster than the global average

Global warming in the Arctic is happening faster than previously thought. According to a study by scientists at the Finnish Meteorological Institute in Helsinki, the Arctic has warmed nearly four times faster than the global average over the past 43 years.

Regionally, some areas of the Arctic Ocean have warmed up to seven times faster than the entire planet, the scientists write in the journal Communications Earth & Environment. So far, climate models have underestimated the so-called ‘polar gain,’ says lead author Mika Rantanen.

So far, the Arctic is warming twice as fast. But an Arctic Council working group based in Tromsø, Norway, the Intergovernmental Forum for Arctic Cooperation and Coordination, reported as early as May 2021 that the increase in average Arctic surface temperature between 1971 and 2019, by 3.1°C, It was about three times higher than the world average.

another definition

Why is the rating of Finnish researchers higher now? On the one hand, they refer to the strong and continuous warming of the Arctic, but their definition of the Arctic and the period of calculation are also different. They defined the North Pole as the entire region within the Arctic Circle. The magnitude of warming has also been calculated since 1979, the first year for which detailed and reliable satellite data was available.

The magnitude of the polar gain is affected by both human-caused climate change, such as greenhouse gas emissions, and long-term natural climate changes, according to the Finnish researchers. Thus, it is likely that both factors have led to an increase in reinforcement over the past 43 years.

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