A special site opens to the public in Rome: the mausoleum of Emperor Augustus is unique

The mausoleum of Emperor Augustus was abandoned for years, until restoration work in 2016. The mausoleum is the largest circular tomb in the world, measuring 87 meters in diameter, and containing vessels with ashes of Emperor Augustus and his family. The Italian telecom company Tim provided financial support for the restoration.

Virginia Raggi, mayor of Rome, described the shrine as “a jewel in the historical heritage of humankind”. She called on people severely affected by the epidemic to be the first to visit the site. The shrine can be visited for free until April 21, 2021, but all tickets have already been sold out.

If you would like to visit the site at a later time, you can book tickets online. For Roma residents this will be free, and tourists from outside the city will have to pay an entrance fee. Even after the reopening, construction work continues on the site.

Emperor Augustus was born in 63 BC as Gaius Octavius, but ended up in the history books as Emperor Augustus, which means “worthy of respect.” After the assassination of his great-uncle Julius Caesar, Augustus brought peace and stability, a period referred to as the Pax Romana, to the Roman Empire. He passed away in the 14th year of our calendar. The shrine was later used as an amphitheater, theater, and concert hall, but it remained weak from 1936, until the archaeological excavations in 2007.

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