A stray dog ​​rescues a missing girl (10 years old) during a cold night in a snowstorm: “I cuddled him for hours to keep myself warm” | a stranger

In Russia, a 10-year-old girl “miraculously” survived a cold night in a snowstorm. It turns out that a stray dog ​​that came on her way was her rescue. “I cuddled and hugged him for hours, which made me feel very warm,” said Victoria Zaribina.

The girl was last seen on January 13 at her school in the coastal village of Oligorsk on Sakhalin Island. When she did not come home, her mother called the police.

With a heavy snow storm raging and temperatures fluctuating around -5°C, all alarm bells went off immediately. Several locals spontaneously offered to help them search, although they saw no point.

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“By the morning we began to lose heart,” said Anatoly Ivanov. “We even had trouble stretching our fingers in our gloves because of the cold. So what is the chance that a little girl will survive such a nightmare? We thought we would never find her alive again.”

After more than eighteen hours, the liberating edge came. Someone saw a girl playing with a stray dog ​​a little further away in the yard of an apartment building. The police eventually found Zarebina less than half a kilometer from her home. It seems that she sought shelter under a low balcony. “I was constantly hugging the dog to keep myself warm,” she later explained.

“That we found her alive in those conditions can safely be called a miracle,” concludes Ivanov.

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