A very poisonous snake escaped in the Netherlands, and the use of police dogs did not lead to results | outside

A highly venomous snake has escaped from the Dutch city of Tilburg. A police dog searched for the green mamba, but found nothing. “The house has a lot of cracks and holes,” explains Walter Jitterwehr from Serbo (a Dutch center for snakes, crocodiles and other reptiles; editor).

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The idea was for the dog to point to the room where the snake was. “He smells the snake but does not find it. “The creeper probably got on the ceiling.”

Gitroer does not expect the venomous snake to hide outside due to bad weather. “But if that’s the case, don’t touch the mamba. Even if it appears dead. And if your dog suddenly stops near a bush, stay a little further away.”

The resident of the house from which the snake escaped informed the police last night. Meanwhile, several experts have been contacted asking how to find the reptiles as quickly as possible.

“Just a warning to parents”

The snake in question is green in color and between 1.80 and 2 meters long. Many residents of Goudenregenstraat did not yet know what was happening in the afternoon. “Then I should warn my father, he will soon be in the toilet,” one of the boys smiled at the initial response.

The neighbor of the house where the snake escaped is not afraid. “But I don’t enjoy it either,” he says. She thinks the snake will stay in the house.

“Particularly active during the day”

The green mamba is a tropical snake known to not seek confrontation itself. “These species of snakes are mainly active during the day,” says an expert from Zoo d’Olimoulin. “The animal particularly likes dark and warm places.”

The mamba’s bite is extremely venomous. The victim should receive immediate medical attention. As a precaution, the medical aid organization in the area was notified. This authority can quickly intervene if someone is bitten.

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