Investing in health: a political choice

Gibbis, the association of healthcare institutions in the public and private social for-profit sectors in the Brussels-Capital Region, publishes its memorandum in view of the 2024 elections.

Our health care system must confront significant and well-known challenges. The Jebis Memorandum is a solid and well-researched roadmap for the future of healthcare in Belgium. The umbrella organization points out that more than 36% of patients cared for in Brussels come from Flanders or Wallonia or are people without Belgian citizenship or belong to the most vulnerable groups in our population: homeless people, asylum seekers and undocumented people. How can we best help citizens who together speak more than a hundred different languages? Brussels also faces other specific challenges. How do you find the necessary staff when living in Brussels becomes increasingly expensive and commuting becomes a barrier to working there? Finally, institutional complexity does not make solutions easy to find.

There is no shortage of high ambition: by 2035, Brussels’ healthcare institutions want to be among the highest performing institutions in Europe and to be perceived as such by citizens, in terms of innovation, quality, efficiency, practical and financial accessibility and sustainability. For health care and the health care system. In short, institutions in which the citizen is the center.

the Three main axes and a transverse axis The memorandum that confirms this ambition:

Ensure easy access to appropriate and quality care
Ensure there are enough healthcare staff who feel satisfied and valued
Ensure a sustainable, affordable and flexible financing mechanism
Achieving social goals in terms of sustainability
GIBBIS proposes specific proposals for each of these axes.

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“Together, with all players in the healthcare sector and with a strong commitment at the political level, we can build a stronger and more resilient future for the health of all, in Belgium and Brussels,” said Karel van de Sompel, Director General. Gibbs.

The memo can be found here.

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