ADO coach Franken appeals to KNVB: ‘Thinking about players’ health’

ADO Den Haag coach Giovanni Francken sympathizes with his players after a magnificent duel with Jong PSV. The match was delayed for a long time due to a power outage, and eventually started, but was stopped after about 60 minutes.

It’s the next chapter of a really great ADO season. Six points settled, issues with the stadium roof and Rod Broad’s sacking: Franken said Friday night’s events could also be added. “We got it all. I don’t know what could happen either. I thought many times it couldn’t be worse than what we lived through. But it affects the players personally. People around them don’t think about what we’re going through,” he says in a conversation with him broadcast west

The ADO coach finds it particularly annoying for his players. “My heart goes out to the players and I’m standing here for them. This team is only one point behind FC Emmen. We try week in, week out, but due to conditions like today, it’s becoming very difficult for them. Again. How much can I make? Asking it from my players?”

Much was unclear before the match. “The match was always postponed. First the decision was made at 8.30 pm, then at 8.40 pm, then at 8.50 pm and so on. KNVB has to think about the health of the players. Something was very wrong and it wouldn’t be easily resolved.” The fact that the players of the team had to wait for a long time bothered me.”

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