Alexander Schallenberg, a Sebastian Kurz hand puppet keeping the Chancellor’s chair warm in Austria

But his campaign didn’t go smoothly, either. The “slicing case” and the “spending case” have embarrassed the ÖVP.

Most appealing to fiction is the “shredding scandal”, loosely translated as the “shredding scandal.” We have to go back to before the fall of the Kurtz government, in full conflict in Ibiza. A personal Kurz employee travels under an assumed name to a data destruction center in Vienna with five hard drives. It must be “properly destroyed”. The owner will then testify that they had to pass through the shredder at least three times, while once would suffice and that the man insisted on taking the remains home with him.

The job was done anonymously, were it not for the fact that Kurtz’s employee forgot to pay the €75 bill. This forces the data center owner to find the guy who owns the drives. This shows that it was Kurtz’s personal employee who came to destroy materials from the Chancellery.

According to Curtis, there is nothing wrong and this is just a routine job: “It is not uncommon for hard drives to be destroyed at the end of a reign.” In itself a reasonable explanation, although not entirely correct: at the time of the destruction, the government had not yet fallen. And besides: why should it be under a pseudonym, if it’s a routine job after all? This way, there is at least an air of suspiciousness around the entire act.

As if this did not seem enough, on top of this came the “Spenden Affair”, “The Gift Scandal”. Research shows that ÖVP exceeds the allowable budget for electoral expenditures by more than 2 million. In order not to stand out and to protect the numerous donations, everything was kept orderly outside the accounts and entered into a kind of second accounting.

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