Ziggo is now selling the Google TV stick for a second TV

Ziggo Offers Chromecast with Google TV for customers as a simple way to watch Ziggo on their second or third TV. With the Google TV stick, users can watch via the Ziggo Go app. Most of Ziggo’s functions such as watching and renting movies are then available, only the option to pause or record programs is missing: this is only possible with zigzag media boxes yourself.

The big advantage of this method over Google TV stick is that the connection is done via WiFi, so it is not necessary to pull the cable to the second or third TV. The Ziggo Go app for Google TV only works over a fixed internet connection with an IP address from Ziggo. The provider allows up to two Chromecasts with the Ziggo Go app on one network.

Ziggo also applies to other platforms

The Ziggo Go app is also available for Android TV, which is included with Sony and Philips TVs. The app is also available for Amazon Fire TVstick and Camel.

Ziggo sells the Chromecast with Google TV for 80 euros, which is about the cost of other streaming stick sellers. Google has not officially introduced the Chromecast with the same Google TV in the Netherlands, and some Google TV functions are not fully working in our country yet.

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