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Visitors to Efteling can apply for a disabled entry permit without a doctor’s permit or other evidence. In this way, the Dutch amusement park wants to be “as accessible as possible” for all visitors. Unfortunately, mercy is also taken advantage of, because the handicapped pass gives access to short queues.

Together with her daughter, Dutch Sandra van Bell has been using the disabled card for years. Her message about people who were apparently wrongly placed on this waiting list has been shared multiple times on Facebook. You write: “Not because we don’t want to stand in line, we don’t want to wait, but because my daughter can’t.”

Last Friday they were unable to go to the waiting areas due to the crowds. Sandra writes that it surprised her for a while how many “disabled people” were queuing up. You assert that you cannot always see everything and therefore cannot judge.

Until last Friday. “I took the lead and asked the group in front of us which of them had a disability. They started laughing and joking by pointing at each other. The monkey came out of the sleeve, and no one had a disability.” Sandra writes that the boys told them they had downloaded the disabled card from Efteling.

Be accessible

An Efteling spokesperson reports that guests do not need a doctor’s certificate or any other proof of the card. “We want to be as accessible to everyone as possible. Whether it’s mental or physical, we trust they won’t ask for it unless necessary. We don’t want to burden guests with sending evidence.”

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Guests can fill out a form on the Efteling website. In doing so, the guest declares that they are unable to visit the regular queue and wish to use the pass, which gives access to special entrances. It also asks the visitor if he has completed the form truthfully.


In 2017, a doctor’s certificate became mandatory. At the time, this caused a lot of stir, both among people with a physical disability or disability, and among doctors. The doctor’s statement must state that you are unable to visit attractions via the normal waiting list.


An Efteling spokesperson reports that the park assumes that guests behave honestly. However, the test is conducted on a random basis. “If we have doubts about whether someone qualifies, we can ask questions about it.”

The spokesperson says the park will discuss the incident with the handicapped trail on Monday. There are employees who have a better understanding of the situation and can estimate how often it will happen. We will also discuss how we will deal with this in the future.”

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