Nothing in the vacation photo indicates the minutes were …

An Australian woman inadvertently captured the last moments of her husband’s life in a vacation photo. In the foreground, her 2-year-old son plays on the beach, while in the background his dad plays with snorkeling. Not long after, a man’s shark ate.

Taylia Craw had no idea it would be the last picture she would take of her husband. The young family was on vacation in Port McDonnell on the coast of South Australia last month when a drama broke out.

By five in the evening, her husband went into the water to take a dip. Crowe and her 2-year-old son continued to play on the beach and didn’t realize any damage. The woman took a photo of her son on the beach, but the photo also shows a dark spot in the water in the background. Her husband was swimming in the distance.

Moments later, researchers now suspect that the man will die of natural causes, before a white shark eats his body. His remains were found a few days later on the beach. Emergency services had previously recovered parts of a wetsuit and woven wool.

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