House sparrows remove the adorable sparrow as number one in Flemish Gardens

The record was broken last year (44672) with 66,524 meters. “A real boost,” the organization said. Since 2017 the house sparrow has been still in first place. And with this, you have removed the great throne from his throne. The Goldfinch is somewhat surprised at its third position because large groups of finches are now mainly found in their natural habitats. That keeps the crow out of the top three, “says Gerald Dresens, a bird expert at Natuurpunt.

“We are happy that the house sparrow has once again conquered first place and we still hope it performs better as a breeding bird. That is possible, if everyone contributes their share and provides places to hide and breed,” adds Driessens.

The blackbird’s recovery appears to be continuing. After a major downturn caused by the Yosotho virus, a slight recovery was observed last year, with black birds in 76 percent of parks (72 percent in 2019). In 2021, blackbirds were present in 77 percent of counted parks.

With an average of 23 birds of seven species per garden, the number of birds remains the same, but we are losing one species compared to last year. In 2019, there were 23 birds of eight species per garden. “The number of garden birds doesn’t say anything about the population trends of these species at the national or European level. We only measure the number of birds that go down to our gardens at that time, and this mainly relates to the weather and food. Saturday morning was wet and soft, and Sundays are dry and cold.” Gerald Dressins, There are few large gatherings of garden birds this winter or no infestations of winter birds from the north.

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The top ten in Flanders (Position in brackets for 2020):

1 – House Bird (2)

2. Great Tit (1)

3. Mark (4)

4. Qiu (3)

5. Houtduif (6)

6. Blue Tate (5)

7- Merrill (8)

8. Dove Collar (7)

9. External (9)

10. Robin (10)

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