America: Iran’s response to the nuclear agreement is not constructive | Abroad

Shortly after Iran responded to the latest proposal to revive the nuclear deal at night from Thursday to Friday, the United States already said the reaction was “not constructive.” The hope that an agreement is within reach after a year and a half of negotiations seems to have disappeared.

Iran responded early Friday morning – as promised – to remarks from the United States regarding a European proposal to revive the nuclear deal. Minutes after Europe received this response and forwarded it to the United States, a US State Department spokesperson replied: “We are studying the proposal, but unfortunately it is not constructive.”

“It looks like we’re going backwards,” a source told US Politico about Iran’s proposal. What exactly is in the Iranian script is unclear. Early last month, the European Union submitted a draft agreement for a new nuclear deal, to which Iran responded on August 15, after which the United States responded again. Iran was the last to act.

The United States scrapped the nuclear deal, which had restricted Iran’s nuclear program, four years ago under President Donald Trump. As a result, Tehran no longer felt bound by the agreements and resumed, among other things, enriching uranium to concentrations much higher than needed for power generation in nuclear reactors.

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