European apple harvest smaller than estimated

The European apple harvest is smaller than initially estimated. Farmers in various member states of the European Union are choosing less, according to the Netherlands Fruit Growers Organization (NFO).

French apple growers will harvest 1.30 to 1.35 million tonnes of apples in the coming weeks instead of 1.47 million tonnes. The French L’Association Nationale Pomes Boers announced this last week. At the time of Prognosfruit, production was expected to be slightly higher than the previous two years, but estimates have been revised downwards due to heat and persistent drought.

The French apple harvest is 4 percent lower than last year’s low output. This is especially true of the gala variety. Additionally, according to the NFO, most of this apple’s fruit is intended for processing due to its moderate color. Some Italian farmers have reported cutting their kale harvest by 30 percent.

Polish processing

“Germany, the United Kingdom, Belgium and the Netherlands should adjust their initial forecasts,” the fruit growers’ organization said. “70 percent of the 4.5 million tons of Polish production will be processed because Polish farmers are unable to intervene during cultivation due to the lack of necessary resources.”

The World Apple and Pear Association forecast the apple harvest in the European Union and the United Kingdom at 12.17 million tonnes during Prognosfruit a month ago. This is a comparable amount to 2021.

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