Nick Cave to attend Charles’ coronation: “I have an inexplicable connection with the royal family” | 3 days until the coronation of Charles III

CelebritiesAustralian artist Nick Cave (65) – unlike many big stars – is heading to London on May 6. Coronation of King Charles III. He himself shared this news in his newsletter ‘Red Hand Files’.

In a detailed newsletter to his fans, Nick Cave writes about why he thinks it’s important to attend this historic event. “Whether I am a monarchist, a monarchist, or a staunch republican, the world and the way it works — so ideologically entrenched and so ill-tempered — I would still turn down an invitation to some,” Cave said. The most important event in England today is not only the most important, but also the strangest.

An inexplicable connection to the royal family

“I guess what I’m trying to say is that – apart from the endless but necessary debates about abolishing the monarchy – I have an inexplicable emotional connection to the royal family. Their eccentricity and the completely eccentric nature of it all, it perfectly reflects the unique eccentricity of Britain… I’m drawn to that sort of thing.

He shaped his relationship with the British royal family by writing about his meeting with the late Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace. “She seemed alien, the most attractive woman I’d ever met. Maybe it was the light, but she shone.

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