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Yesterday, a group of seventeen stakeholders attended basic training in hydroponics at the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries (LVV). The training offered by the Vegetable Research Division of the LVV Department of Agricultural Research, Marketing and Processing is part of the Agricultural Competitiveness Project of the International Development Bank (IDB).

This project aims to enhance and improve the competitiveness of farmers. Earlier this year, some of the hydroponics training participants completed plant propagation training at the ministry. They had such good experience that they once again assembled a group interested in hydroponics. The Ministry was contacted with a request for training, which was immediately approved, in cooperation with the Islamic Development Bank.

Hydroponics is the cultivation of plants in water, to which the necessary nutrients have been added. It is a cultivation method that is being used more and more. Growing crops is a challenging task and is constantly exposed to weather and climate conditions. These play an important role in determining the rate of crop production.

The application of hydroponics in a greenhouse leads to favorable growing conditions, in which crops are protected from adverse weather factors and various pests. This also results in better quality products. One of the biggest advantages is that this system offers the possibility of growing crops all year round rather than being restricted to seasons. Hydroponics can indeed be applied to a small area.

Participants have become familiar with different hydroponic systems, which means that they are now able to distinguish which crops and hydroponic systems can be grown best. “Training, like training in plant propagation, motivated me to grow my own vegetables in order to meet my own needs. Since hydroponics can already be applied on a small surface, it is quite workable for me and many other people who want to grow responsibly. Highly recommended to many,” enthusiastic Pia Lachhunsing noted.

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Participants received a certificate at the end of the training.

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