Android 14 update causes problems with Android Auto

Not everyone is happy with Android 14. Android Auto users are reporting that the brand new update is causing problems. what is going on?

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Android 14 causes problems with Android Auto

Google rolled out Android 14 at the beginning of October. The version update introduces new features and improvements, but it also introduces new issues. After all, Android 14 is causing issues among Android Auto users.

This is evident from a tour of Internet forums. Types of complaints vary. On the official Android Cars Forum For example, one person reported that since upgrading to Android 14, Spotify no longer makes sound.

In some cases, Android Auto no longer works at all. on Reddit We’ve read many stories from drivers who haven’t been able to get the app to work since the update.

Moreover, some users experience annoying errors. a Reddit-The user reports, for example, that since updating to Android 14, Android Auto responds slowly, the music sometimes stutters and (voice) navigation regularly stops or is delayed by a few seconds.


Google has not yet responded to the problems. So there is no official solution in the works yet.

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Have you recognized one or more of the problems mentioned above? Then at least try restarting your phone. It may also be helpful to use a different USB cable to connect, or delete the Android Auto cache. In the article and video below we explain how to do this:

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Clear cache on your Android device: This is how it works

Doesn’t this work? After that, you can always try to restore a previous version of the Android Auto app. You can do this by downloading what is called an APK file. via APK Mirror Location You can restore previous versions of Android apps, for example because the latest version contains bugs.

Please note: Downloading and installing APK files is not completely risk-free. You should have some knowledge of what you are doing to avoid potential problems. In the article below we explain how it works. Installing APK files is entirely at your own risk.

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More about Android 14

Google released Android 14 at the beginning of this month. Initially, it was only possible to download the update for our Pixel phones, but now it is also available for the Xiaomi 13 Pro.

Android 14 is not a huge update, but it is basically an improvement over previous versions. This makes it easy to set new wallpaper and shortcuts on the lock screen. Curious to know if and when your device will receive the Android 14 update? Then read the article below.

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Also interesting: Overview: These devices will (most likely) receive the Android 14 update

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