The first rocket will be launched from the German North Sea next year Science and the planet

The first launch of the rocket from the German part of the North Sea is scheduled for April 2024. This is a test mission with the mobile floating launch platform of the German Seaport Alliance. This was announced by the head of the German industrial association Bundesverbands der Deutschen Industrie, Siegfried Russwurm, during a space conference on Wednesday.

It is a missile from the Dutch company T-Minus. The intention is to use the launch pad, a special ship, for so-called small bombers. These are small rockets, for example, to launch small satellites into space.

The ship in which Bremerhaven is located must play the role of the German spaceport. The missiles are launched from Germany’s exclusive economic zone in the North Sea, more specifically from the so-called “Entenschnabel” or Duckbill, 350 kilometers off the coast. The maritime region is known by this name to its eastern neighbors because of its shape.

BDI announced the launch pad initiative in the German North Sea four years ago at its first space conference.

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