Are you vaccinated? These famous Kortrijk, Harelbekenaars and Kuurnenaars do just that! –

Get vaccinated! This is the message of seventeen residents of Kortrijk, fourteen residents of Harelbeke, and ten residents of Kuurnen. From this week their message will appear on the streets and on social media. City councils want to use the awareness campaign to convince skeptics. 5,710 vaccines have already been developed in Vaxpo.

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Brett DeGroot of Italy’s Traiteur Pomodoro knows why she got vaccinated: “Because we can party, have fun and hug together again.” “Celebrate victory together again in a crowded stadium,” says KV Kortrijk Kristof D’Haene. “Together we have defeated this virus, we will see each other soon,” is a message from Younes Al-Hadaji from the Red Side Academy. Magician Jelly also has no doubts about the vaccine: “Because science is not a matter of opinion.” Carol Kentz, a nurse at WZC Carolus in Kortrijk, didn’t hesitate for a second. She has already received her vaccine. “The disease has spread twice in our hospital,” she says. “I have seen people suffer, gasp and suffer. So I have no choice but to encourage people to get vaccinated. In this way, they are protecting a very vulnerable group in our society.” Heart on the campaign picture, the ambassadors are proudly revealed with their arms. The heart shows an imaginary version of their vaccine. “Get vaccinated” is the common message. Additionally, they also provide the reason why everyone should do the same. Photos by city photographer Bas Bogarts, black and white emphasize authenticity. The campaign itself was designed by the City of Kortrijk Communications Department. Photos of Kortrijk will appear everywhere on the streets this week. They are hanging from city buildings, are shown on city screens and will also appear in local merchants. Photos will also be distributed on social media. Kuurne and Harelbeke will launch their campaign in the coming weeks, any ambassador but not only “official” Vaxpo ambassadors can convince others of the importance of the vaccine. Kortrijk, Harelbeke and Kuurne heartily appeal to every resident to campaign for vaccination themselves. The Kortrijk form is available on the website where you can upload your own picture and enter your name. This way you can create your own poster which consists entirely of Campaign Mode. Added to this slogan “tis tyd dat ut”: It might be over. Vaccination is the way there. Also this campaign will soon be launched in Harelbeke and Kuurne. Normal life is coming “It may be over. Everyone is on their gums. We long for normal life. And this is coming. If we are vaccinated en masse. Kortrijk ambassadors are people with a wide social network that draws in different target groups. But anyone can be an ambassador.” So encourage as many people as possible to get vaccinated! Together, we beat the virus, ”says Ruth Vandenberg, Mayor of Kortrijk.

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