AZ Delta fits the ilk (!) To the knee with the help of robotic surgery –

Today, the AZ Delta Orthopedics department in Rösselaer is fitting the thousandth knee prosthesis using robotic surgery. This made the hospital the reference in just three years. “Thanks to our robot, we can work more accurately, and rehabilitation is much faster,” explains orthopedic surgeon Alexander Riccart.

The thousand knee prosthesis was performed this morning in the Arizona Delta using robotic surgery. “This should become the norm,” says Dr. Alexander Riccart, © Stefaan Beel.

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AZ Delta describes the thousandth knee prosthesis to be placed using robotic surgery as a true milestone. “Not only in our hospital, because we have become one of the pioneers in the field of robot-assisted knee joint surgery,” says orthopedic surgeon Alexander Riccart (44), who has been with AZ Delta for fourteen years. Makorobot was used on campus Brugsesteenweg in April 2018 and it was good at the time to invest 1 million euros. “These efforts have been made to significantly improve the patient’s knee replacement surgery outcome. These expectations have been fully met. The robotic arm assists the surgeon, so that the prosthetic knee can be placed very precisely.” The robot continuously adjusts the surgeon during the procedure. Much less and less risk of possible complications. ”3D CT is used. “This way we can determine the optimal position for the prosthetic knee. It is different for each patient and this way we leave nothing to chance. Moreover, it is done in a more balanced way and also takes into account the tissues and ligaments around the knee. The robot constantly adjusts the surgeon during the operation. This reduces The risk of tissue damage around the knee also reduces the risk of potential complications. This, in turn, ensures that rehabilitation can continue faster. By the way, our robot can operate with an accuracy of up to half a millimeter. Something that is almost impossible for human hands. Canada The whole team is proud that the robot has performed at least a thousand operations in less than three years. We have already published our results in many international medical journals and have become one of the references in our country and in Europe. Our patients come from all over Flanders and even from outside national borders, Even Canada. ”There is also a growing interest in using robots. We now perform between 550 and 600 procedures with our robot each year, a number that will only increase in the coming years. We also have an ambition to deploy a robot on our campus in Torrout and Minin. Within AZ Delta, robot-assisted surgery should become the standard for complete knee prostheses and we will soon want to introduce the white color to other joints, such as the shoulder and hip. ”

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