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France has proposed a “baguette” as a candidate for the recognition of UNESCO as an intangible cultural heritage. Baguette made from zinc roofs in Paris and the wine festival in the municipality of Arboa. The Ministry of Culture confirmed this on Friday.

“If this national nomination for UNESCO succeeds, it will make people realize that the practice of nutrition, which is part of everyday life, which is shared by the majority and is taken for granted, is also a heritage,” said Culture Minister Roslyn Bachelot.

The ministry’s press release also states that the number of bakeries is in continuous decline, especially in rural areas. “In 1970 there were 55,000 artisanal bakeries (one for every 790 people) compared to 35,000 bakeries today (one for every 2,000 people). And they often disappear due to the increased sales of industrially produced French bread,” the report continues.

Baguette, the symbol of everyday French life, immortalized in films and commercials, is a name that appeared in Paris at the beginning of the twentieth century.

The ministry had until March 31 to submit its application. The final decision will be made by UNESCO, which will not make a decision before the fall of 2022. In our country, Navefri, the National Association of Freitourists, Chip shop culture She emerged as a candidate for UNESCO recognition.

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