The French and Germans will no longer supply to the United Kingdom …

At least ten EU countries have announced to the United Kingdom that they will no longer extradite their fellow countrymen. It has been possible since Brexit, but there are no plans to transfer anything to Belgium.

The UK government has acknowledged that Croatia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia and Sweden have “enforced constitutional provisions to prevent the extradition of fellow citizens to the United Kingdom.” Those statements The Independent Friday. Austria and the Czech Republic will hand over their fellow countrymen who agree to this.

As a result, British courts have no choice but to sue those countries that have been prosecuted by local courts. Foreign criminals can also access the Interpol database, which allows them to be arrested if they leave their home country.

Belgium continues to be handed over

Brexit has everything to do with the fact that EU countries now refuse to surrender to the United Kingdom. Previously, the country was able to use the European arrest warrant system, which ensures smooth delivery between member states.

The handover procedures are also included in the Trade and Cooperation Agreement agreed by the European Union and the United Kingdom around Brexit. However, these are subject to the constitutions of the member states.

“Member states that do not wish to extradite nationals had to submit a specific notice to do so,” the Ministry of Justice explained in its response to our editorial board. “Belgium has not submitted such a statement and does not wish to do so.”

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