In this Dutch holiday park you pay €100 a night for a moldy caravan full of dead flies | Abroad

A hundred euros a night for a moldy caravan with broken kitchen utensils. Complaints are pouring in about the beautiful Oostappenpark marina beach in Zeeland. Reporter Wendy Wagenmakers booked the weekend. And he stopped her – just like many of the other guests – prematurely. “Look, lumpy vomit spots.”

“Never experienced anything like this..there was a very bad smell in the caravan, the edges of the tables were peeling, there were holes in the floor, there was mold in the bathroom, the cabinets were covered in grease and hair stains and hair was everywhere even the bedding in it Spots. The soiled bedding has not been removed from the previous tenants. How dare you camp in Marina Beach asking for money for something like that…”

“What a filthy mess we ended up in. All wine bottles, panty liners, beds were rotten, crockery was filthy in the sink, trash in the fridge, towels everywhere, toiletries still there. Also a bottle made into a hookah. Inside is a joint! I went to the front desk angry and disappointed. They said they couldn’t arrange anything. No other caravan, no cleaners, no refund.”

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