Bax Music: From the attic to Benelux’s largest music store

On February 6, 2003, two brothers went to the Chamber of Commerce in Middleburg to start a business while enjoying a cup of coffee. It never crossed their minds that after eighteen years they would lead the largest Benelux music store. All they know is that they are ambitious and have a passion for musical products. What happened in those eighteen years?

At random

Bax Music – then Bax Light & Sound – is played from the attic room. Brothers Zeeland Joshanan and Nathaniel Bucks rented out sound, light and sound equipment. They are constantly looking for what people want the most, and they start selling professional audio equipment online, which is less obvious at the time than it is now. Because you don’t buy such products “at random” in a web store, right? Moreover, their suppliers are not keen on doing business with boys under the age of twenty. But perseverance wins.

Famous name

After the first resource was lifted and 50 m2 Storage is in use, the simple site can welcome its first visitors. Inventory moves so quickly over the digital counter that it is easy to get other suppliers across the line. In 2010, the company had eighty employees and the new warehouse was already barely bursting at the seams. The “Bax-shop” then became a well-known name in the Netherlands and Belgium, especially among DJs, thanks to attractive prices, fast delivery and excellent service. The online store will be greatly expanded in 2012 with all kinds of musical instruments and accompanied by the first complete physical store, at Goes. A 1600 AD2 A great music paradise that attracts visitors from all over the Benelux. Then the growth really started.

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One million packs

Bax Music has expanded to France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Italy, and Sweden. Several FD Gazellen Awards for “Fastest Growing Company” at a later date, the company now has 445 employees, more than 600 brands, 48,000 products in stock and can count on annual sales of over € 115 million. Over a million parcels leave the 26,000 square meters warehouse every year. Additionally, there are physical stores in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Apeldoorn and Antwerp. Bax Music is still owned by the two brothers and is still a growing and ever-changing company.


Jochanan looks back: “The success of our company is something we are very proud of and it is great to see how it continues to evolve. For example, we are currently working on warehouse automation more. For example, there are now three automatic filling machines in operation. We cannot. To dream about this until 2003! Funnyly, not much has changed for me and Nathanael. We still work hard and with the same passion as back then. Everything to please the musicians, that’s what drives us every morning to go back to it with enthusiasm. We don’t need coffee for that! “

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