Golden Earring: No longer the oldest Dutch rock band

Guitarist and neighbor Rinus Geretsen (bassist) founded the Tornado in 1961 in The Hague. Soon they discovered that a set already existed with the same name, so they kept getting the gold earrings and then the gold earring later. Singer Barry Hay and drummer Cesar Zuiderwick have been with the band since 1970 and the composition has remained unchanged.

In this formation, the band witnessed its greatest successes both nationally and internationally. For example, the song Radar Love (1973) ranked # 1 on the Dutch charts and the song was also in the highest places in America and the United Kingdom. “Twilight Zone” (1982) and “When Mrs. Smiles” (1983) also scored high on the charts.

Golden Earring has released dozens of albums and has been high on the Dutch charts with nearly all of his singles. The band often also looks back on their past successes with several great albums. Likewise, in 2000 with The Devil Made Us Do It.

Regarding the new business, things remain fairly quiet about the Golden Earring in the following years. In 2012, the band released ‘Tits’ n Ass’, their latest album with a new work. In the years that followed, separate numbers were released.

The group will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2019 with the current squad. The Golden Earring does this with a big show in Rotterdam Ahoy, which is now their last gig. “The bad thing, we were planning to go on a farewell tour, but unfortunately that’s how it is,” Hay said on Friday. ad. “It looks like our last performance was in Ahoy in 2019. It was a great show with family and friends, but we would have preferred to see it differently.”

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Although the Golden Earring was discontinued as a band due to illnesses guitarist and founder George Kooymans, it’s not the end of their music career for the band members. “They will continue independently of each other,” said the band manager ANP.

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