Smallest crawler ever discovered: “Fits on the tip of your fin …

In northern Madagascar, a mission of scientists found the smallest reptiles in the world. Discover a chameleon the size of a sunflower seed. This nano chameleon fits at the tip of your finger.

The animal is officially named Brookesia Nana Along. This species is so small that it will likely survive on a diet of termites and spring tail. “We knew right away that it was an important discovery,” says one of the researchers on the team. They discover a male and a female. The male measured 22 mm from head to tail, but the female was noticeably larger: 29 mm in size.

At these sizes, the Brookesia Nana Address the smallest reptile away from Brookesia micra, Which was discovered in 2012. “It’s silly to say, ‘Look, it’s a few millimeters smaller than the other,’ says one scientist. But if a millimeter is two or three percent of your full height, that’s a big change. ”

However, a magnificent chameleon does not face a bright future. Mission researchers fear that the animal will soon be threatened. The area in which the chameleon was found is threatened with deforestation.

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