BBC raises more than $ 37 million for kids’ needs – but Little Mix fans fear Jesse Nelson is missing

The corona virus outbreak was the first time annual fundraisers took place without visitors, but it managed to raise more than 37 million by the end of the evening.

The pop group featured on the Little Mix comedy show with children’s presenters Dick and Tom. But the absence of band member Jesse Nelson has left some fans worried about their painting.

The 29-year-old did not perform or host with his band members on MTV EMAs on Sunday, and a group spokesman said he was “unwell”.

The need for children is an otherwise happy affair, with a total of 37,032,789 collected.

“The need for children has been going on for an astonishing 40 years, and only you were able to do it,” said Mel Keitroik, one of the hosts of the live show, thanking the audience for their support.

“Despite the challenges we have faced against this year, we will continue to face when this epidemic comes out, and we are strong because the hearts of the people who keep these plans alive are strong.”

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The rickshaw challenge was forced to take place almost this year

/ Sarah Johnson )

Manchester United forward Rashford made a heartfelt appeal to help young people avoid starvation because he reflected on his own experiences of going without food when he was growing up.

The athlete has recently been involved in a high-profile campaign to get free meals during the school holidays for children from poor backgrounds.


Joe Vix has amassed more than 2 million m by his 24-hour fitness class

/ B.A. )

During the event, it was also announced that Vix had raised 10,108,229 by leading a 24-hour fundraising fitness class.

The fitness instructor, who was awarded a gold Blue Peter badge, said the show was “the longest day and night of my life”.

The music video for this year’s Children’s Charity solo, released on Friday, was also played for the first time.

A group of artists, titled Radio 2 Allstars, filmed Oasis Ballet Stop Crying Your Heart Out Singing.

These scenes were interspersed with clips played by children.

Lloyd Weber performed a song with Gary Hope Fletcher from his musical Cinderella.

The composer played the keyboard as the pair performed Bad Cinderella.

EastEnders actors Roger Griffiths and Tony Clay, best known for playing Time Highway and Mitch Baker, appeared on the special edition of Danny Dyer’s sports show The Wall.

The pair raised 3,93,313 by answering questions about BBC Soap.

A sketch of the BBC One comedy The Go Wrong Show was also read during the show.

A theatrical troupe was depicted to guide the rules of the corona virus, revealing a scene where a couple goes on a date.

The skit showed the couple being serenaded by a violinist in a glass box and their food and cutlery sterilized by an employee while trying to share a dessert.

After one of the restaurants complains that the food cannot be tasted once it is coated in anti-bacterial liquid, he is carried away by a man in a Hazmat costume and replaced by a clever one.

Tennis player Sir Andy Murray, former footballer Peter Crouch and comedian Romesh Ranganathan were also present on the occasion.

The show was hosted by Keitroik, Alex Scott, Stephen Mangan and Chris Ramsey.

Opening the show, Scott said: “You may be home again, but you are not alone.

“We can go through this together and most importantly, together, can help change lives.”

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