Iman Holmes and Ruth Longsford moved out of the slot this morning and were replaced by Allison and Thermode

Iman Holmes and Ruth Longsford are being replaced by Allison Hammond and Dermat O’Leary from this weekly spot after 14 years.

The couple, who have hosted the show together since Friday, are said to be “angry and upset” about the move.

But in the shake-up of providers, the couple will be offered the job of delivering the main plan for six weeks during the summer holidays, with the main hosts being Philip Schofield and Holy Willow Take a break.

Mum-of-One Hammond, 45, has been a rowing reporter as part of the “family” this morning, and it’s a favorite of fans.

Iman Holmes and Ruth Longsford are being excluded from this weekly weekend after 14 years

She is also an ex X factor Host O’Leary, 47, was previously paired as a stand-in provider – most recently last month – and the bosses were very impressed with their chemistry.

“They have real warmth,” an insider said. “It’s time for a change, they’re right.

“Iman is very angry. Everyone feels for him and Ruth. They are well liked on the team, but sometimes tough decisions have to be made.”

Iman, 60, said in recent weeks that he feared the award-winning ITV show would be too “pale, primitive and male”, which drew criticism for its lack of diversity among providers.

Ruth and Iman are replaced by Alison Hammond and Dermat O’Leary

Philip Schofield and Holy Willoughby are the main host of this morning’s show

Earlier this summer ITV CEO Carolyn McCall announced a diversity acceleration program, after which the channel was criticized for being all day with a non-white face.

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Holmes was provoked by Opcom earlier this year for “misjudgment” comments regarding conspiracy theories surrounding 5G masts. Corona virus.

The watchdog said in its comments that the mainstream media should not automatically tap into such claims, adding that “there is a risk of undermining audience confidence in the advice of public officials and scientific evidence”.

Ruth, 60, is expected to last in loose women, where internal research shows she is very popular with audiences.

Iman and Ruth have hosted this morning’s Friday morning show since 2006

The changes brought about by show boss Martin Friesell following regular audience feedback are expected to begin in the new year.

The famous Hammond Brother And became known for his fun attitude, given the task of guest editing the entire show for one day last month.

Prior to his acquisition – co-hosted by O’Leary – he told fans there would only be fun stuff on the day he was in charge.

“It would be a pleasure!” He said. “There will be nothing about locking or corona virus.

“There will be a lot of cooking tips and food … and a little more fashion and fun. It’s good, I’m glad to be the boss.”

Iman Holmes and Ruth Longsford are said to be ‘angry and upset’ by the decision

Despite numerous attempts to update the design, Dermat was on a loose end after completing his core work on the X factor last year, when the ITV show retired indefinitely following catastrophic ratings in 2019.

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It has no current plans to return.

Since the decision was made, Simon Cowell Psycho Music, which has traditionally signed on to the winning action, has moved away from his recording label.

Dermot and Alison are expected to finalize their new contracts in the coming weeks.

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