Bechtle adds Apple Mac to the device as a service

Bechtle launches a pan-European DAAS (device as a service) solution for Apple Macs. With DAAS, corporate customers are given the freedom to purchase a Mac with Lifecycle Services at a fixed monthly rate. With Bechtle DAAS Compute, Mac computers can now also be deployed and managed across all business sectors and industries.

By accrediting Apple’s new Authorized Reseller in the Netherlands, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Spain, Italy, Poland, Portugal, the Czech Republic and Hungary, Bechtle demonstrates the international capabilities in deploying and managing Apple products and services to business clients, the distributor comes out.

Bechtle DAAS Compute makes it easy to purchase Macs for various premises, according to the distributor. With a subscription to Mac as-a-Service, businesses can always work with the latest devices, reduce their IT workload, and scale easily as the organization grows. Bechtle has a dedicated team, specializing in Mac as a Service, to support customers for a positive user experience.

More than half of IT teams say they spend very long hours managing devices. This takes time and ensures there is less space for other important things, such as innovation and business development. Thanks to DAAS computing, businesses can now work quickly, efficiently and easily with Macs and other Apple devices. With a solution as a service, devices can be managed more easily and quickly.

In addition to the fact that employees can choose the device and accessories themselves, DAAS also monitors the device for errors and receives the end user a new device within 24 hours if something goes wrong. This provides more security and a higher level of satisfaction among employees.

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Thanks to the close involvement of service teams and deployed software, DAAS also provides greater security, including the ability to wipe a device remotely, for example.

Finally, Macs have a higher resale value than similar devices than other sellers. This means that the device will be more valuable when it needs to be replaced.

Jan Prinsen (photo), Managing Director of Bechtle subsidiary ARP Nederland and Executive Sponsor of Bechtle Centers of Excellence in Marketing and XAAS offerings and services outside the DACH region in 11 countries: “The Bechtle DAAS Compute makes it easy for employees to use a Mac. Helping companies realize the benefits of Mac in the business. This solution combines Mac with services in a subscription model that gives companies more flexibility and choice, which in turn can increase productivity and efficiency in the workplace. ”

Administration, service and security

With Bechtle DAAS Compute, businesses no longer have to spend time installing, repairing, or connecting devices. Devices are delivered ready-to-use and fully customized (contactless deployment).

Device management is provided from the first registration, including lifetime updates. Bechtle handles the entire life cycle from start to finish.

Bechtle also offers office-to-office support, which means the company service desk receives full support and all incidents are resolved. Defective devices are replaced within 24 hours and when the device is replaced or returned, a replacement fee will be charged.

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