Being ‘hangry’ is real, say researchers

Researchers have now discovered that an empty stomach actually makes us angry and irritable.

If you haven’t eaten for a few hours, you’ll notice this not only with grunting, but also with a bad mood. So many worry that it got its own name: hunger. And it’s nothing like a well-known chocolate barWhen you are hungry you are not As a slogan. But so far there is no real evidence that we are actually hungry.

He is often told social psychologist Viren Swaney of Angela Ruskin University in the United Kingdom. Hungry If he hadn’t eaten in a while, he wanted to find out if the phenomenon actually existed. He gathered a group of volunteers who charted their moods and appetites for three weeks through an app. And – unsurprisingly – people on an empty stomach are significantly more prone to anger, irritability and other unpleasant feelings. It didn’t matter how old they were, what their diet was, what personality traits they had: everyone Hungry. According to Swami, this is the first time that people feel hungry outside of a laboratory or experimental environment.

Researchers still don’t agree on exactly what causes those negative feelings when you’re hungry. Previous studies suggest that hypoglycemia is more likely to cause anger, impulsivity, and sometimes aggression. However, it remains to be seen whether a small drop in glucose levels will have such an effect in healthy adults. Another possible reason is that hunger is perceived as a bad and negative symptom by some kind of primal instinct, which worsens your emotions.

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Social psychologists say knowing that whatever is good and hungry is. Do you suddenly feel angry and irritable? Then it’s time to fill your stomach with something delicious. You will soon see the sun shining on your head!

Source | Guardian

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